Tressa JamesI grew up on a Saddlebred and Arabian horse ranch in Olympia Washington,  The James Gang Ranch.   My childhood was idealic in that ‘all young girls want a horse’ sort of way.   We rarely had less than 20!   I appreciate the nonverbal communication with animals and people.   So much can be said if you’ve learned to listen.   I firmly believe the horses in my childhood taught me to really listen with my heart.   And so it is this farm life that lead me to bodywork.

Life is such a joy. Reflection of my choices has allowed me to succinctly define my direction. I had not realized when I first began attendance atTressa James The Soma Institute that I would find myself and my service through this medium called ‘bodywork’. I could not even have defined bodywork nor the differences between it and massage. Life now finds me on a path to discover those differences through a deep investigation of the bodymind.

Today I am exploring life in the Northwest once again. I am astounded by the flowers this spring. After having enjoyed year round blossoms for three straight years on the Big Island, I am once again spoiled. It is like God is reminding us in vived color how much we are loved!

I aspire to return to Hawaii. Swimming with the dolphins in the ocean in January…there is nothing wrong with this! Having a fresh picked papaya for breakfast, burgeoning with yogurt and granola, perhaps an apple banana...simply divinity in action. It is so easy to have a positive outlook in life on Hawaii. The Big Island is truly getting away to many people and the healing you can allow yourself on the Islands is immeasurable. If you are planning a visit, call me!  We can arrange for you to get the most out of your stay on the Islands, with your personal tour guide and massage therapist!

Migration to island life hinged on my desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. Like many of us I know I should drink lots of water, use my body often, use my mind daily, and find a place of calm on a regular basis…meditate. Was my block any different than yours? We may never find out but now I have decided to embody all the healthy things I know to be good for me. We as humans have such inherent wisdom available to us. The collective consciousness as it were…as it is! I am so excited to have found my passion in the inarguably most gratifying profession of bodywork. You are what you focus on, what do you want to be?

I dream of sailing the world looking for perfect surf. I fantasize about making the world a better place one body at a time and helping us all find peace. True inner peace that helps the whole Universe. I intend to manifest a gorgeous studio on the big island with exotic flowers in abundance. Thank you for all your positive thoughts and all your Aloha!!! Mahalo nui loa --


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