"As a devotee of bodywork for some 20 years—including all forms of massage and the full Rolfing experience—I find SOMA and Somassage to be more effective overall. Tressa's own methods, techniques, and, in particular, the peaceful environment she creates for her clients, are unmatched in my experience." — Gary McAvoy, Seattle

"I have an extremely stressful job as the Sr. HR Representative for a large company. I have always been a fan of massage, but when Tressa first came to our office to do chair massage, something was different. I didn't just feel relaxed after a session with her, I felt cleansed and revitalized. When I had my first SOMA session, Tressa made me feel extremely comfortable and explained my role and responsibility in doing body work. After a session with her, I feel about 2 feet taller and I notice a huge improvement in my cardio capacity and flexibility. I have referred many friends and coworkers to Tressa and I believe she is the best." — Jennifer Keys, Bellevue

"I met Tressa in Hawaii after many years of massage.  There has never been anyone like her before or since.  I loved how she asked me to work with her to get rid of my kinks & knots.  Having me lift or move seemed to let her go deeper & left me feeling so much better.   Having my body ‘integrated’ enabled me to loose those last ten pounds too!  An added bonus!  Quite the opportunity & I suggest you try the best.  Tressa." Barbara Bosz-Burczyk, Kailua-Kona







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