If bodywork makes you think of your car, try again and focus on your own body. Go to a mirror, take a deep breath and really look at yourself: Does your posture please you? Is one shoulder higher than the other? Is your chest wide and forward of your stomach? Or is it narrow and sunken? How about your back—straight? Or is there a curve? Where do your knees point? Does your body look as though it can twist, turn, run, and move with ease? Ask yourself about your overall health: Do you have a lot of colds, aches and pains? Arthritis? Asthma? Headaches? Tennis elbow or runner's knees? Are you easily upset, depressed, tired?

What if you could exchange your tired body for a brand new energy efficient model, the state of the art in anatomy and appearance? What if you could get rid of that slump, those sagging shoulders? How about a replacement for the aching back and maybe a sleek, flat stomach?

If better performance and fewer breakdowns appeal to you, then SOMA can offer you a body that is the Rolls-Royce of human structure.

SOMA changes people physically and psychologically by structurally balancing the body so that gravity becomes a friend, not an enemy.

As people age, they lose height, energy and, in general, resistance to disease. Through SOMA, people experience reduction of symptoms, increased energy and greater flexibility. Some gain as much as one inch in height through freeing muscular tissue. This improved body is better able to cope with stress, has improved ability to interact, and exhibits more self-reliance.




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